Our “tailor-made” or “handmade” is particularly renowned, thanks to the possibility to satisfy each of your specific requests.

Our wise artisans will make your outfit “unique”, adding personal details like a special date, a name and anything else you desire, only and always using the best fine textiles such as “ermenegildo zegna”, “loro piana”, “cerruti” and many others.

For your “custom cut” suits, not only extra large sizes, a professional of our staff will come, under request, to your house or hotel room, if your commitments won’t let you reach us.

You will be able to choose, between an incredible variety of textiles, the outfit or coat you prefer.

Shipping is obviously free.
With the “tailor made” strong sizes, we dress many people of the show business, as well as many russian persons who find in our shop the real “made in italy”, still hand made, they are searching for.